(An exclusive club for those hungry for beauty) In the heights of English conversation there exists a repertoire of colour and nuanced beauty. Those who belong to this very exclusive club are library vampires, and they also haunt the halls of cloistered academia. Most of the time they are up their own arses, exploring the …

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From the diary of Chris Pitts

Thoughts before seeing the doctor. I feel a bit bored, and a bit ignored, shall I phone the Samaritans? The rats turned over the dustbin last night but, that’s all right, if you’re a vegetarian. I’m a Vegan, never missed an episode of ‘Star Trek’ what the heck.

Mind your head!

(You might have to use your brain.) Plastic elastic fantastic, tee shirt joggers in the rain on a winter’s night, all believing the fitness cult of lies, hoping to reach the skies, taught to analyze but not how to think for themselves, I hear a million bells ringing, and a universe of people digging themselves …

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