Chris Pitts the musician

Chris has formally been involved with writing material for the bands Crippled Giant, Skylash Wigwam, Rook, Rains & Haywains, The Suffolk Ensemble.

In recent times his musical tastes have broadened to an appreciation of choral/classical. He has worked with the Composer and music collaborator Alan Gray, and also with musical director and choir master of the Suffolk Singers, Andrew Pierssene. The performance of ‘Dunwich Canticle’ at Attleborough church some ten years ago, remains one of Chris’s favourite concerts. Andrew and his wife Avril were instrumental in helping Chris make the transition from popular music to a more English traditional medium.

Chris writes:

“I have been involved with music since a very early age. My father was an accordionist and played piano (Old style pub sing-along piano). He passed on to me his gut understanding of music.

“I had virtually no education, leaving school 1962 illiterate. Most people don’t believe that last statement however; I solemnly assure you that is the case. I was writing songs before I developed reading and writing skills. I was fortunate to have a wife who had teaching skills and who through much dedication got me literate by 1975.

“I rather like the idea that I have not had a formal musical education as I feel that I have not been tyrannized by formula.

“I write about the suffering of the underclass in our society, as well as what I call ‘English Landscape’ songs and small symphonic compositions. I am at present planning an album to be called ‘English Landscape.’”


Over the years I have worked with many fine musicians, I have wanted to thank them for a long time. 

 Rory Duncan is a fine keyboard player, I first had the privilege of working with him in a duo, ‘Rains and Haywains.’ 
Rory worked with me up to the time arthritis got to my finger joints and sadly we had to stop performing.

I recommend  his work to you all, Especially, “Tom Bowlers days” and ‘Bill Badger’ From, ‘Between Suffolk pink and Essex blue’

Rory also teaches and plays Bass Guitar and is a professional Clarinettist.

Rory Duncan

Rory’s website:

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