Banished from reason

I wake up every morning, I am human and I am alive and I thank God that I was able to retire in 2008. Forty years of work place misery is surely time enough to, “Know my song before I start singing” * 

Thoughts inspired by Bob Dylan

As I look back at the hostile work places I tolerated for forty years, I am amazed at the merciless regimes I worked under, and the vast empires of career psychopaths and managers that had long since reached a high level of incompetence. There are no words to  describe the sickening, heartless subhuman scarecrows that I have encountered in positions of authority, like, ‘Head of shift’, assistant managers, utterly corrupt individuals who would use the disempowered lower staff to take the blame for them. 

Back then, I was greatly hindered by illiteracy, receiving virtually no education, I experienced a total lack of self-confidence, so the -word disempowerment, helplessness, only begins to describe the misery of those I am attempting to describe here.

However, I write this for those who were and still are imprisoned in a system that is cruel ,a dictatorial system that still allows the Privates in the army to be utterly disempowered.

However, I believe something very noticeable is happening today.  People are becoming tired of political jargon and no longer trust political systems. The young in various parts of the world are prepared to put their lives on the line for the love and liberation of their fellow brothers and sisters. The advent of mass communication,  internet and iPhones have provided evidence of oppression that have to some extent empowered the disempowered.

How to use all this for the benefit of the race is an open question.  

We now come now to the hardest thing to deal with, Human nature. Some are of the opinion that environmental issues are the major factors i.e., a child will  become what their parents have become. Others will talk about peer pressure. Man’s inhumanity to man remains a great mystery.

On one hand we have people laying down their lives for others, on the other hand, we have „ Wilfred Owen recalling, “superhuman inhumanities” Is there a way forward? No guarantee can be given, we can see the old guard dying off, the new, the young, being faced with the choice, make peace not war, of course this is naïve, but it is also gloriously naïve. 

How do we move forward in the hope of changing things, the answer is of course, I don’t know! But there are a lot of people who ‘don’t know’ can we the ‘don’t knows’ build a real alternative, perhaps we can start by saying, “No” as effectively politicians say, Yes”

Societies must have control. The philosopher Kierkegaard said, “Before any society can exist, it must first destroy the individual.” People don’t want to think for themselves, so the road ahead is going to be painful.

The vast distances and life experience that exist between people can raise a fatal objection  to this ever happening. Cynicism, ego, ambition all flood out to the worse side of human nature.  Do we really want this to happen? I believe that we have no choice if we as a race wish to continue, a gradual change is possible,  I believe, however, 

I foresee more suicides mental illness (Particularly among the young) There are some very dark waters to negotiate, no easy solution is available, the human will and self-drive is at war with this kind of change, but so are the salt of the earth people who are persistent in trying for that change.

“That’s the way it is” “Wake up to reality” “Well you can’t change that, it’ll never happen” The above represents but a few reactions I have heard, and I would say are an abdication of personal responsibility.

People want politicians and governments to do the thinking for them,they fear of the unknown and mistrust other human beings, the music goes around and around.

But I ask myself, when those people are in the middle of a gruelling night shift or in misery in some hostile work place, do they ever ask themselves, ‘Do I have to be here? Is there another way through this?’ the answer is without them having competent advocacy, “No”

But, BUT, BUT it is at that exact point that they are introduced to criminal employers who treat them with more respect than their present abusive ones.

What a dirty rotten shame! Confusion reigns, it is always the lower working class that suffer. 

Apart from the ruins of a once firm and established Christian faith, I have very little to offer.It has taken me more than sixty years to reach the conclusion that the plight of the lower working class is hopeless. I also believe that the giving of false hope to them is evil! 

Even the Christian faith has led them into the long grass of mirages. God is always coming 

around the corner when people run out of ideas?

“The Church,” like any other organisation, has its Job comforters and class riddled hierarchy. I have long since gone over the line of despair in relation to this and cannot write much more. 

The disempowered lower working class offer themselves to the minds of men, I pray that one day men will open their hearts as well as their minds to them?

As I write this it has just been reported on the national news that there is mental health crisis among young people, particularly in the workplace, these are tomorrow’s citizen, God help them, if God doesn’t help them, I respectfully enquire, Who will?   

* Quote (Dylan) 

Chris Pitts

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