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My concerns are for those disempowered in the work place, especially those who work in the ‘Care sector’. I refer to Care Assistants who are unable to report abuse and neglect in ‘Care Homes’ (For fear of losing their job) and the residents of residential/nursing homes who suffer neglect. Please see ‘The British underclass‘ article on my blog.

My name is Chris Pitts
I’m from Nayland in Suffolk.

My Poems

I’m into what I call; “Minimalist” Poetry. It is an attempt to explain/present poetry in the shortest few words. Most of my stuff involving the written word will fall into this category.

Most of the poems and posts on this site are my own work, but occasionally I post something I’ve read which I think you will like with the author’s name below it.  So if there is no attribution – it’s mine.

There are those who object to poetry if it is too serious and therefore depressing.

I would like to state that if you write something and then go over it and touch it up afterwards, so as not to offend, it becomes obviously second rate at that point.

It is also the worst form of deceit and dishonesty. I do not believe, I cannot believe, that people like myself who suffer from manic depression, can be helped by dishonesty or making things sound palatable.

Chris Pitts

New Book

My book “Broken Body” is just out on Amazon.

A story of failure, the Church – “The Body of Christ” and its failure to engage positively with the disempowered.

“Chris tells his life story and explains how, unlike many of his friends, he is a butterfly that escaped the wheel.”

My Music

For a long time now I have also been writing and performing songs.

Here’s a few of samples for you.

Chris regrets that he is no longer able to perform live, his guitar abilities are seriously hampered by osteo arthritis in his hands, thankfully with the help of other musicians he is still making CDs of original material

Silent Friends

I am in the company of silent friends, people who did what they had to do, and then moved on. I knew those people; they are worth so much more than silence. This is track one of Chris’ latest album. He is using the money from sales to help people from Ukraine

Looking for the carpenter

This is the first track from one of Chris’ recent albums. You will find the whole album here…

Brian Jones

Chris owes a lot to Brian Jones, here is his song of thanks.

The Fire Bycicle

“The Fire Bicycle” (Live version) From:  “Nayland a cuckoo crying” This album tells the story of Chris’s home village its hopes and dreams and life long gone  Chris says this is the most original album he has done.

Joker in the Pack

Joker in the pack is from Chris’ album “Branch Line” The Lyrics of this track are in the post “Joker in the Pack

Harvest Home

Harvest home is a great example of Chris’ symphonic folk style.

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  1. Hi Chris, I have just found your site. I am going to listen to all of your songs. I feel rather sad about the past and how I stopped playing music with you but I am glad to see you are still on the go with it. I am looking forward to listening to your recordings. I am still playing and love the guitar. Sorry I let you down all those years ago. Take care, love Bill

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