The Ancient Cowboy


As I walked through the wilderness of this world
I came upon a man without a face he said,
”what are you doing in this sewer my friend,
never thought i’d see you in such a place!!”
I said, ‘I’ve been looking for the meaning of life,
I’ve been tired I’ve been restless
I’ve been in despair”. He said,
“you have been looking in the wrong place my friend”
he pulled out a knife and cut me beyond repair. He said”:

Oh, you ancient cowboy,
public enemy number one without a gun
oh, you ancient cowboy,
hi ho silver,
you’re the lone ranger
you’re the thirteenth son.

I said i’m thirsty please give me water,
He said” who you trying to kid you look well fed” .
He said” you’re full of memories and tangled ego my friend
if I were you i’d wish that I were dead.
I said “ you can’t hurt my feelings no more for of such I find I have no need
I’m just trying to find a way back into your presence
but I don’t know how to read”
just then the sky exploded,
I saw a crippled angle in a broken wheelchair.
I was thinking about asking for directions
but I couldn’t raise the will to really care when she said “ oh :

ancient cowboy riding through the wilderness
onto the setting sun
when will you ever learn

is there anybody there can you tell me?
I’ve just seen god disguised as a bandit
and a crippled angel laughing
this desert wilderness is projecting darkness
my negative soul is photographing
I heard someone crying neath the sunrise
I looked, I saw mother julian weeping
I saw the hand of a man nail pierced
I heard the broken heart of silence speaking it said oh:


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