Nayland – A Cuckoo Crying

This album tells the story of Chris’s home village of Nayland, Located in Suffolk, East Anglia. Nayland gives a view of the quintessential “english countryside” that Chris remembers from his youth. On this album Chris expresses its hopes and dreams and life long gone Chris says that he feels this is the most original album he has done.


This album is full of well crafted songs that take a lifetime of experience about specific places, people and events and transmute those experiences into something universal. They trigger feelings, and sometimes memories, that belong to each of us as individuals and this album lets us know that we are not alone in our experiences. These songs are about an English way of life which, if you believe the modern communications media, has long disappeared.

Mark Surridge (Castle Folk)

Footnote –  this was recorded on an old analogue four-track recorder.

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