Celebrity gods and replacement theology

Society has replaced the description of disempowered people in the same way that modern theology has done with the nation of Israel (The old testament). The thinking seems to be, that One Nation capitalism or new labour can achieve equal opportunity simply by the instigation of political doctrine. The lower class are bombarded with images of success, often acted out by celebrities and told that they can achieve - wealth and happiness, by joining the very system that oppresses them!

The cult of celebrity and media power possesses vast inroads into the minds of the struggling disempowered who cannot discern what is being done to them. The cruelty of this can hardly be overstated.   Modern society now has the power to cancel out a vast number of people by the tweak of a computer mouse. 

Nothing really changes, the old Roman gods (Apollo Mars Neptune) have just changed their appearance and the weak sick disempowered must still be their slaves.  Another way that justifies the term ‘gods’ is the way that the present-day gods are at war with each other.  It could be said that art is at war with itself, everything has to be filtered through the controlling system, the system that reigns like virtual Gods over the Proletariat. 

Celebrity Gods must pay the price of truth, that pure uninhibited truth that is absolutely necessary to bring originality to art, the celebrity knows perfectly well how to replace music/ art with what the people think they want.

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