Fantastic blue

The lights of Old Compton Street dazzle the girl as she window dances. 
spellbound men pop-eyed ogle!
Jessica the relief dancer has got stuck at the Spar supermarket check-out,
Alison just has to keep dancing until she is relieved by Jessica,
she is bored out of her mind
and stressed,
she needs to get back to the kids …….

Somewhere in the distance church bells toll,
as if the holy was drifting near,
nearer than it's supposed to be.

This is a typical 1960’s evening,
It’s hard to believe now that Jessica was a theology student,
an atheist, and a remarkable exponent on the Jewish harp!
I remember the music coming down the road, The Kinks “All day and all of the night”
it was scratched vinyl played on a ‘lift up lid’ record player.

Round about midnight fantastic blue lights were turned on
and the atmosphere dramatically changed
from murmuring conversation to circus laughter.

I was at peace with myself then,
albeit it a wannabe acoustic guitar carrying dreamer.

So, when I feel low these days I think of “Super Soho”
and a gloriously naïve young fool
with hopes that would make a rubber tree shrink!

Dedicated to Jessica and Allison (Long lost friends)

Images: Bar Italia Soho (cc-by AJ Picton) & Windowdancer (cc-by Gostalgia)

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  1. Very evocative of both a long passed time, but of the contradictions and creases in the human soul that we all carry into each and every day.

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