Frozen Oranges and 60s Ice Cream

They say that if you can remember the 60s then you weren’t there.  That may be true for some who in the latter part of the 60s spent more time tripping than anything else.  But for the fortunate few who were in on the beginning of the 60s the memories are much brighter. Undimmed even now for those who remember that time, looking back from the foreign land that is Britain in the late 2010s.

Chris Pitts may be accused of wearing rose tinted spectacles as he looks back. But this is an accusation he strenuously denies.

This album, looks back, and indulges in a good deal of nostalgia. There are some fond farewells, but this album keeps it real. Chris is not uncritical, particularly of the privileged few who arguably sold out the revolution of love.

Dick Davies – Milborn House

Chris writes a sentimental history down a lane of past times, heroes, music and memories of long ago while looking through the eyes of a youth just seemed so much easier and lighter. This takes me back to my childhood with a lot of my own memories of people and places only thought of during moments like this. Thank you Chris!

Steve Lake

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