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Chris has released this new compilation of material from his many albums.

Track 1 I’ll be back again in Autumn (From the Album “Silent Friends”)

Track 2 Blue Vagabonds (From the Album, Herbert Moonslot and his magic umbrella. For more information Herbert Moonslot R I P

Track 3 Jack of diamonds (From the album, “Looking for the Carpenter” A exploration of the organised Christian faith and its many casualties)

Track 4 Tributaries of youth (Performed here live with the band ‘Crippled Giant’ the song tells of the conflict of personality and loneliness in the spiritual search for truth.

Track 5 The caring game (From the album of the same name, end of life issues and the grim helplessness of residents in care homes)

Track 6 The Epistle of the March fool (From the Caring game album, this song expresses the misery of a patient in a long stay institution)

Track 7 Lovely Lady Lucy (from the album, Herbert Moonslot and his magic umbrella, celebrating the life of a beautiful person) Lucy Carmichael R I P

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