Herbert Moonslot and his Magic Umbrella

“Herbert Moonslot and his magic umbrella,” with drawings by the St Ives artist and my dear friend, Charles Chaplin.

It is a look at the life of an extraordinary man seen through the memories of those who knew him.

‘I am a Singer Songwriter of the old school. I make no claim to be a book writer. This CD insert is a shortened part of a larger work.

I just felt that the life and times of this wonderful individual needed to be marked by some record, this is it! It is my sincere hope that this son of old England’s past will one day be remembered by a plaque or some other form of remembrance in St Ives, where his much famed magic umbrella was once opened in those glorious 1960’s summers, and his magic smile opened the hearts of his friends, I thank God I was one!

Check out the Herbert Moonslot page on the album website.

Download the booklet here.

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