Looking for the Carpenter

Chris has found his experience of church to be “mixed” to put it mildly. He has suffered under abusive christian leadership, and is deeply troubled by a culture of christian superstardom he sees in leaders and musicians.

Yet he still has a desire for authenticity, and for the carpenter who is at the heart of the christian story.

Album credits

Rory Duncan – Piano
Mark Sutcliffe – Guitar
Les Simons – Scarecrow’s Lament
Chris Gibson, Neville Dean, Bruce Root – ‘Tributaries of Youth’
Alan Gray – arrangements – ’The World is my Asylum’ Looking for the carpenter
Scott Newstead – Keyboard -‘Harvest Home
Carl Seager – ’Toads’


Cover design by Dick Davies
In church by Charlie Chips

1 thought on “Looking for the Carpenter”

  1. Richard Myerson

    Absolutely great album with an amazing range of meaningful texts and musical styles, with a good balance between short and long songs. I can go through a range of different emotions while listening to this album and I can personally relate to the geographical references in some of them, since I am also from this part of East Anglia. I really hope this album and others that you have recorded will get the radio airplay and publicity they deserve. Success should and can come at any age. I hope “opportunity knocks” for you, Chris and I mean that most sincerely, I really do!.

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