Broken Body

A book by Chris Pitts

Broken Body is available on Amazon as a paperback or as a Kindle electronic download.

It is A story of failure, the Church – “The Body of Christ” and its failure to engage positively with the disempowered.

“Chris tells his life story and explains how, unlike many of his friends, he is a butterfly that escaped the wheel.”

Available on Amazon

A sample from “Broken Body (Chapter 4)

Human nature is flawed in so many ways. For a former illiterate dreaming his way on to a level playing field, my great human error was to believe the people that presented ‘faith’ to me.

It seems very plain to me that Jesus wanted people to believe in Him, not men. We have precisely the opposite happening to day. 

New converts are presented with alpha courses and literature that is written by people who all believe the evangelical position on scripture.  

Under the umbrella of religious freedom, we have a marketplace that presents religion in concise, ‘clear,’ packaging. This leaves the door open to the power hungry and those who get turned on by controlling others.

What is presented to people in the name of God does not require any proofs. The words of one individual can, through the selective use of scripture, have a devastating effect on people hungry for spiritual reality.

Today we are confronted by a society that is prejudiced against all who do not contribute by providing for themselves, they must work no matter how miserable that work may be! They must put up with total disempowerment in the workplace, no unions, and no support of any kind. The almost total ignorance about lower working class suffering is commonplace in our society and has of course spilled over into faith communities of all kinds. The misery that many poorly educated people experience in the workplace is concealed by a skilful use of smoke and mirrors and political indifference, and further confounded by a language of limited definition.

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