The Shadow man of Brewer Street

In a vast Kaleidoscope of visions, the lone walker wanders the deserted streets, 
inspired by the ghosts of a London long gone.

He was the last, “Groovy Cat” to leave through that autumn gateway of psychedelic tapestry.
Dave, “The Wizard Harp player” betrayed by whatever became, “The Scene”

His now pointless and purposeless existence, dancing to the memory shadows on the Brewer Street walls, 
with bricks that think and speak.

A distant church bell tolls out, “I told you so!” 
and like a finale to a old black and white movie, suddenly he knows, “It is gone” as gone as he is…………..

Dave “The wizard” makes his way to the underground station, 
tomorrow the newspaper will record, “A tragic accident” and Dave the Wizard will always be a Shadow.

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