Here are a collection of links to pages I can heartily recommend.

Care Community Action

Advocating better standards for Care workers and those they care for.

Milborn House

This co-operative music publisher publishes my music. 

Rory Duncan: Braintree Music

Rory Duncan is a fine keyboard player,  I recommend his work to you all.

6 thoughts on “Links”

  1. It’s an uplifting experience working with Chris and his musical ideas…. long may he continue…. I was very impressed with the website and quality of the recordings…. Mark

  2. What a surprise to find this website!
    Yes Chris, even after 50 years I am still writing too:
    So many nice memories of you and Bob in the late 1960s.
    Here is one of my recent ones:


    Is she out there
    In the ether
    No keyboard to her whereabouts
    Apart from legend land’s port heave-ho
    Keeled up
    Reeled up
    Tethered out

    Is she out there
    On the quayside
    Lashed up to ambition’s aims
    Vulnerable as full gale drifter
    Yet anchored for her worldly gains

    Is she out there
    As teenager
    Rattling in mature constraints
    Skin thermometer
    Life’s barometer
    In stress’s

    Is she out there
    Twilight dreamer
    Weary lips
    From frogs a croaking
    Reddened to embold their way
    For her partner soldiering

    Is she out there
    Lost forever
    No other of her kind
    Sheltering harbour swaddles her
    Coddled in the mind.

  3. Back again.
    Chris, Looking through your pages I saw the reference to care workers.
    Not long ago, I came across a carer when I was sat alone in a Toby Carvery.
    The experience was quite moving.


    Care worker looks
    A smile she sends me
    As I sit and eat
    In Toby Carvery
    Other seats empty
    Just us three
    Her ward imprisoned
    By infirmity

    She sits to eat
    And stands to feed
    As workout needs
    She’s up and down
    And running round
    Coughs impediments

    But for all her cares
    And as I leave
    She took the time
    A smile to send me

  4. Chris

    Good to bump into you both this morning. No idea how to get in touch with you again (phone number/email etc) so hope this messidge reaches you

    Here’s a poem for you

    Hegley pastiche written after going to see his gig at the Mercury

    I’ve driven over from Wivenhoe
    Very carefully
    To see John Hegley

    That’s it.

    Chin chin


  5. Looking For The Carpenter. Another fine set of songs from Chris Pitts.
    Where indeed do you start looking for the carpenter? In the established church itself? In its teachings? Or, in the hearts, minds and deeds of human beings?
    When you are looking you may discover new revelations.

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