Dry Leaves On A Bed Of Memories

This new album from Chris was released online on the 21st January.

This poem is on the cover.

The Path to Groton Woods

A million secrets in the dark twilight of evening call to natures mumbling irreverent smiling beast. The owl and the rook make final preparations for a hungry night. All safety lost now as chaos clutches the dead hand of night, and we fall into the dance of the flying leaves.
The word “Gone” can hardly do justice to lives that tore the moon apart looking for meaning, who can resist despairing of human kindness?

Once we walked through Groton Woods when the warm summer evening told us tales of tales of tales, and the ghost of a shipwrecked mariner made faces on ancient tree trunk bark. Reeling in weariness, our old bones look out on an overgrown path.

The path to Groton Woods

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