Joker in the Pack

If they kill sick animals, why do you let me live on?
I’m the joker in the pack tonight the last one they would bet upon.
In the dead spotlight sick with cynicism, afraid to write my name, sick and tired of living.

Shine your spotlight on me,
I’m a joker,
shine your spotlight on me
I’m a joker in the pack

There’s nothing-original left to say, someone else has said it better, I don’t feel like conversation, I don’t want to write a letter,
I can feel tomorrow coming, I don’t want to believe it’s there, help me find your presence in the hallways of despair…….

Shine your spotlight on me; I’m a joker in the pack

Underneath the dusty shadows of time I can hear a street choir sing,
They stand like pathetic statues spiderwebbed in candle nights of Harlequin,
Paralyzed in moments, doomed to make no move, hoping desperately no one would dare intrude!

Shine your spotlight on me, I’m a joker in the pack

Song Lyrics

These are the lyrics from Chris Pitts’ song “Joker in the Pack” from the album “Branch Line.

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