Doom Town Gloom Town

Doom town gloom town
do anything you want town,
Stay down
Get up but, keep down.

Strange handshake,
on the take,
career psychopath,
takes a bath
In doom town gloom town.

Everybody walking
minding their own business,
People dying
people crying.
Doom town, Gloom town.
Do anything you want town.

No one cares;
everyone stares,
straight ahead
not at you.
Doom town Gloom town,
I’m among your chosen few.

Screaming silence
rented rooms,
good time girls
with rank perfumes,
Money paid,
as the light now fades,
on doom town gloom town
do anything you want town.

People moving everywhere,
but nobody there to care,
in doom town gloom town.

Catching a taxi to hell,
no hope of a church bell,
in doom town gloom town,
don’t let the bastards get you down.

Chris Pitts
(Written one wonderful Colchester night when the Samaritans were engaged)

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