How to score points when Dwile Flonking with Kangaroos

(A Book I once read)

The long field bowler will interfere with the wicket area (Scratching something) and then must count his Kangaroos, and pretend he does not know how many there are. After this a shout of, ‘Cauliflowers are for wimps’ will be heard.

Do not panic, this is a normal starting rouse when you have sailors in the team.
If you Dwile suddenly into the merry dancers using a plastic boomerang, and make sure that your kilt is stable, the Kangaroos will think you are a friendly Zulu’s and wave at you! Thus disarming the Clockpitcherlater. “Never in the history of human con tricks has so much been owed” (H.P. payments are available).

This secret method of Flonker goes right back to the early 1800’s, when Thomas Crapper extended the ripening of Strawberries,’ and aftershave for men smelt of sharp pungent Hyacinth. This new aftershave was called “Rancid Rigmarole”.
After reading the above I started cleaning my teeth with soot, my wife went to stay with her mother and I saw Elvis in Sainsbury’s.

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