Epitaph for a Lost Friend

I heard a newborn baby cry, 
I watched an old campaigner die, 
I asked myself why, why, why, I can’t get an answer,
When the last man has laid down his gun, 
When my last serenade has come,
When the last game has run, 
Into His glory day

I want ancient wings, 
I want ancient strings, why? 
Because nobody wants to die 
Leave youth young glory day

Hiroshima’s atom bomb 
Child tin soldiers of the Somme
Who knows where they have gone 
I can’t get an answer
The chimneys’ heat the cruel master 
The burned young feet heart beating faster
No rhyme or reason just complete disaster 
In the human circus crimes 


The sirens of the crooked mile 
Wail through my past I see and old friend smile
What were we there on that sundial 
I can’t get an answer
What ancient hand controls the night 
If there’s a hope beyond my sight 
Shine shine, shine, your light 
On one who knows the game of sin


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