I heard a bell

I heard a bell
in hell

where some hymn of praise
was screamed out
amid a dark shadow lands.

King David watched from afar
and whispered:
‘This is the grand secret’,
“If I go up to the highest Heaven,
behold You are there,
if I go down to the lowest hell,
behold You are there also!”

The bell got louder.

I saw the deathbeds of millions
in great fear.
The red-hot Preacher
pointing his finger
through icy shade.

The terror of uncertainty
in the eyes of broken age,
staring at the bible page.

In all of this living Hell,
dying Hell,
the murmur of a prayer
and torrential rain
upon the window.

The bell got louder.

A vast architectural labyrinth
construction of Bosch
loomed out its face on me
in a hideous grin,

I turned my head away
and said to myself:
“If love knows no boundaries,
mercy is eternal”

The bell got louder.

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