I waved at God till……

Mum died last week,
the man said, I would, ‘get a second strength’,
and I didn’t get that.

Dad lost hope and kept crying
but only when he was alone.
I would see him crying through the front room window.
Dad was Churchwarden for 30 years, absolutely faithful to ‘The Church”.

The lonely corridors and desolate halls echoed to my footsteps and a million silent ones joined me there. Together on buses but, not together in basic humanity at all. We make allowances for this, don’t we?  
Who makes the first move to a fellow human, will I be a nuisance?

I used to go to a ‘Church’ where they jumped up and down a lot and waved hands in the air, God never waved back to me when I tried it for over 30 years.

The firemen come when your house burns down but who comes when you disintegrate?

So I stopped. I stopped trying to find meaning and just tried to live, love and care for people.
Yes, I used to go to this church and jump up and down and wave at God
till I saw Him, a lonely man beside me.

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