(An exclusive club for those hungry for beauty)

In the heights of English conversation there exists a repertoire of colour and nuanced beauty.

Those who belong to this very exclusive club are library vampires, and they also haunt the halls of cloistered academia.

Most of the time they are up their own arses, exploring the acres of brown worlds where mental/intellectual orgasms have triumphal acclaim.

I don’t mind this, (It’s a free country), but I do get hernia of the eardrum when they tell me that it has anything to do with me or the suffering underclass in this country, or builds to a solution of anything.

At this point I can hear Lonnie Donegan singing; “Putting on the agony” and Harry Secombe singing; “If I ruled the world,” I wonder why?

So I am Pro the Gabbling with certain reservations, for example, I cannot see what a ‘Bean Pole in Equatorial New Guinea’ has to do with unemployment.

But basically I am Pro Gabbling, that is my complete onion on the matter!

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