That man over there!

Whatever hope is yours about the future of our world, I know I will share.
My every waking hour perpetuates that hope.
 ‘Young men see visions, old men dream dreams’
When I was young I had visions about changing the world, I encountered the aging cynic’s laughter, but also I encountered the giants of that world who believed in those dreams, Martin Luther King, Gandhi and beautiful losers like Phil Ochs. 
Songwriter, Donovan, lead the march to the magical mystery Cornish shorelines, now traced out in 1960’s glory. 
Those few square feet of St Ives Band Stand Cornwall can tell of, ‘Visions’ ‘Flower Children’ and tragedy.
Sometimes, I wonder if  “Changing the world,” is the mirage that kills us all in the end?  But I will always cast in my lot with the dreamers, not just the famous one’s like Lennon, but the habitual ones, like those who ended up in cardboard city? 
 The meathead goats that mock at, ‘Love & Peace,’ will always force their mental orgasms down the throats of the gloriously naïve dreamers, Can you hear them?
First, they say you’re mad, then they say your bad, then they say that they thought of it before you did!

Meanwhile, in the dread dry desert, faces that used to curse me still join in a finger pointing parade, listen can you hear them? “That man over there, well he’s just a …………………? “    

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