The road from Jarrow

Are footprints sacred?

I say yes, especially, if there is a God.


There is an illusion that claims the human condition is better now, that illusion of progress has invaded its way into the corporate consciousness of the present day, and, it has been normalized.


If there is an argument that claims that past suffering has a dynamic for the now, it is this.

The men of Jarrow shared a cruel poverty and a vile injustice but, they did however have something sacred, and that was solidarity.

Today, people from the lower working class no nothing of that solidarity; indeed they are the easiest people to divide and conquer.


Betrayal wears many cloaks, but the one it wears that is the easiest to fool you is the cloak of security. The Millennium employer says; ‘If you toe this line and don’t complain we will look after you!’ ‘Any attempt at fair play, union activity or talk of rights and we will crush you’ At some point after the Jarrow march, some betrayer took thirty pieces of silver.

His name was not Judas, it was probably Fred, but, whoever it was is guilty of a mass betrayal, a betrayal so vast in its consequences that human sight will never comprehend it!

I and all the people from whose ranks I am proud to have come are still on the road from Jarrow. Our hearts don’t beat together like theirs did but, one day they will!

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