Will anything change?

We have just witnessed a general election where people believe they have partaken in the ‘democratic process’.  We have witnessed newspapers indulging themselves in virtual blood sports. What if anything will change for the helpless in our present society?

It is the purpose of this blog to point out that despite the ‘democratic process’ two groups of people remain in a state of total dis-empowerment.

Dis-empowered people

They are

  1. the ‘unskilled’ (Though I have a real problem with the term ‘Unskilled’) lower working class
  2. our Senior citizens many of whom are in a helpless state with Alzheimer’s disease and need Residential and Nursing Home constant care.

I believe that real change can only come from strong community, where residents of any given area in our country meet regularly and seek to change things for these groups.

Our campaign

By far the most failing area at present is Residential Nursing care.

My wife Mary and I are at present campaigning for a ‘Community inspectorate team’ made up of retired doctors nurses and especially, former auxiliary care assistants.

We enclose the letter we have put together for our Myland Community Council. And any progress will be reported on this blog.

If you feel that you would like to help in any way please contact us using this email form:  

Peace & Love

Chris & Mary Pitts.

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