Chris Pitts

Dull Window

Shaken from sleep I see strange shapes moving, figures on a landscape that is no longer mine. Old ghosts on wise shorelines, innocence and evil walk hand in hand. Dead to the picture I wait at a blind corner where thinking solves nothing. Dark edges call me to shelter and diverse ways seem to offer […]

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The lone thinker

You heard it said about, ‘the fool on the hill’ nobody and nothing in this world really cares. ‘be kind to yourself,’ an old friend used to say, ‘nobody else will, will they’? Down the decades I have thought about those words, their truth and their deep penetrating pain. And now a constant succession of

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Cruel Time

Who am I to ask God for favors’? When the aging are made living skeletons in human flesh, and sit in ‘Care Homes’ lined up like the condemned before a firing squad. How can I pray, ‘not me please, let me escape’? Where did this deep-seated ego come from, that pretends that I matter more

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