Trails of midnight, Christmas tree lights,
Sold out on a dream when life was young.
I can hear those church bells ringing through those Suffolk fells
I can here them so loud now!
Where we walked together with high endeavour
Mystery skies where the crows dine in the flights of day
Where that old Shanda juggled the stars
Cross the plains onto sunset’s throne

Harvest home across the valley
Harvest home that last retreat
Don’t lead me down another blind alley
Don’t leave me stareing at my feet
Walking away from you!

Trials and pleasures autumn’s treasures
The loom of light footprints in the snow
They led to nowhere, but I’d rather be there than anywhere else I know
The lies forgotten hearts broke like cotton
In the thread of an escapade Peter Pan charade
What took us there without a care?
Sometimes my memory can’t take the weight to dream

Yard broom sweeping mother weeping
Through flooded kingdoms to her water meadows
In an old rocking chair she sat from hope to despair
She gave it all and took nothing back!
Who holds the pieces as the night increases?
Is there’s a rock that doesn’t roll
Teach me to know to that power in this dark night hour
You can have what I’ve got left but I hope it’s nothing

Everything fades into dark autumn shades
The back road glory trails wind round the gate on cemetery road
Do we rise neith the north star with the chorus of the Nightjar
Now they trade on our names against our headstone silence
Time and tide has hit me that old estuary mystery
The shifting sands move to the age of never
The shingle beads take me through the reeds and shake me
By that old boathouse moon at broken bridge

A child’s candlelight stair’ the fairytale dream chair
Wide eyed in the innocence of play
Who dares take from them trust and soul friend
What creatures of darkness have crawled cross the threshold of time?
I who know only chaos safe in “Theos”
Wonder at the dead shapes of last years waste
That all pilgrims progress after the test
Is written in my heart and soul with a fire red pen !

The shadows now meet me in the rain at Brent Eligh
With the dirge tones of a tyrant funeral hymn
Rogues and rainbows “noting where the wind blows”
Where evenings ashes burn without a shadow of hope
I see an old man climb the hill all is silent and still
Fear and dread turn my heart to stone
The Stour valley moon plays the drums of doom
For her children who once dared to dream!

Wiston mill daffodils 88 windmill
Yellow barn burnt out down frogs hall lane
The prophet of mill green Edwardstone dreams
Captain courage and his entire crew
Thistledown dridting
Monks eligh mists lifting
Where the ancients set out a plan
I feel so damn dog tired now those Suffolk empires
Desert and leave me like a motherless child

September winds Lavenham strings
Play out for the high and mighty and the landlords will
Now the poor are doomed to concrete rooms
Only Rookwood lane looks the same but the meatheads come
Shadows move into twilight the end of all things is in sight
I’m going out with St Jame’s church bells in my ears
I’m the swansong bird written in my blood words
Goodbye, your forever in my thoughts till God takes my memory

Old village gas lamp young feet would tramp
To a factory that knows no compassion
Just pawns in the game of the Mill Masters shame
In the squalor of profits romance
Strange hells in June young sweet on the loom
English earth crying out for mercy
“Christianized” by evil under the Constable Steeple
The poor man in his hovel the rich man living off the fat of the land

Rains and Haywains Dylan’s “Sky Chains”
Youth young wisdom where truth was being free
Mid summers perfume the endless tunes
Fenland traces Star Meadow and Chapel Lowlands
Dreams of Winterland Slum Street one man band
Naked Sunstreet enigmas The power and the glory
The keys are inside me where some spirit derides me
And Pulls me to some ancient children’s skyway dare

The idiot’s smile illiteracies miles
Daytime Jokers, Night time Millionaires
Taught by deceivers grey cell believers
The pervert’s idol cruel Suffolk eyes
Eiderdown Weir now only fools come near
The stagnant water leaf mould dead day
All I am is Autumn Leaves
A drunken clown under Court Knoll trees
If there’s a way through the web of the thunder
Have mercy and tell me

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