Laughing Time

Nail pierced hands

Time, that makes these earth born dreams seem like eternities rainbow. Over the horizon, dancing platitudes and exhausted hope, words exhaled from meaningless heartbeats. “Go this way” shouts the boss-eyed Counsellor Freudian junkie with a speech impediment. “If only this fear would you leave me!” He has 100,000 thoughts in the chaos of kaleidoscope chance.

Look what the people have done to each other, with the sabre and the gun, the abandoned baby on the steps of a derelict church. Time that makes these earthborn dreams comfort despair, where once the air was alive with hope. Now emptied of God and the pornographic language of Idols, I grope for a 2000-year-old nail pierced hand ……..

A wandering laughter mocks my every motion …………

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