Jobs for the boys

Jobs for the boys, the celebrity toys and the inner sanctuary homes of media mansions.

‘I saw the news tonight oh boy,’ how can we wade through the sludge of this time of Celebrity journalists, and salaried sympathizers? Canned laughter energizes the robot audience. The celebrity media androids program each other, and the make up lady needs a bowl to be sick in. Such friendly lies in the midst of a militarized society where a naked king is clothed with fashions best.

All safety lost, as a stilted language fires over the heads of the elderly, the workers on bread line hells and lottery wishing wells. The poisoned waters of compassion flood into the fantasy, tomorrow time.

They teach us that childhood is something we should grow out of, but it seems that childhood is something we grow into. Children ‘make pretend’ adults believe lies and achieve shining careers.
And with the lies come empires of delusion and theatres, where all reality is whistled away leaving boastful despair.

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