A Room at the Bottom

As I move into my twilight years, I think of all the young who are going to be betrayed.
The hurricane whirlwind of having to, ‘Be Someone’ will destroy all but the career psychopath; you cannot educate or reason with pork!
Smug faced crowds with lustful eyes and the bite of the serpent are on the march, and their concrete temples will stand secure. Poor, poor fools that sign away their humanity in exchange for that dread purgatorial prison, where youth and laughter go.

Glimpses of truth in fragile mirrors, the miracle pill to sleepily and secretly normalize murderous plans.

The Sunset bed turns cold and all who had the room at the top must now see the futility of ambition and, the sacrifice of fellow human beings. Will they dare to remember those long ago pure friendships, free of lies and sales hyperbole?

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