A glance at sympathy

A day of a past leaf is blowing through my mind,
a black and white time
of Kodak Brownie pictures
and sandwiches on the old seaside sand.
Childhood glories
in ribboned hair and sandals,
a day of candy- floss pure fun.

Inside of children forever hidden,
youth’s young glory,
when everything was known,
mysterious mystery moments.
Shall we ever know such laughter again?

I wander back to that same beach,
nay; same location,
but, gone is the life of it all,
gone, gone gone,
to the tide Captain.

It is a baffling cursed cold indifference that I ponder,
a survival, for what and why?

Kept in the dark oceans thundering waves a map,
maybe in Gods memory?
Will there be a glance at sympathy?

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