How deep is your love?

England 2015

Dark windows on the world,
dark faces in the gloom
of 12 by 11 foot rooms,
The space between
silence and human contact
a step away,
never taken.

The person in the flat above
scrapes a chair on the floor;
I hear it coming through my ceiling.
The aching lonely hours,
memories in black and white photos,
torture me,
the sounds of the city
vibrating my window.

The cathedral bells
call out like a mocking swansong,
torn paperback, ‘Death in the city,’
lying on the bed unread,
Hand full of Mogadon,
turn the TV on,
glass of Whiskey

Next Day:
Local Radio news

‘Mr. C W Jones was found dead in his flat in Hope Street today, neighbors’ said, ‘He was a quiet man who kept himself to himself’’ he leaves no known relatives’

DJ Jonny Edwards introduces, Take That, “How deep is your Love”

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