Science Fiction and Silent Fact

If you could look at the world spinning in space and if you could look into human society as a detached outside observer, what would you feel and, what questions would you ask?

Imagine one alien saying to another, “Hay Ding Dong, they say they are all in this together, they want ‘big society’, they want ‘community’, but that one over there wont work with him because he is a ‘Conservative,’ and that one next to him doesn’t want anyone from over there living on the same street as him!”

I admit it is very hard for us to look out on our world that way but, we must.

If for no other reason than respect for the coming generation, I ask you to ‘Drop out’ of a society that makes such bizarre judgments on their neighbor. We have a choice to fight for compassionate capitalism, we have that clear choice. It is a strange thing indeed, that in a country that was once called “Christian,” and where the founder of that faith said; ‘become as children to see the kingdom of God’ that what I am saying is regarded as stupid and naive.

I once lived with a community in and around St Ives in Cornwall where we shared everything we had and our hopes and aspirations were for ‘a better world’.

The cynics of course ridiculed us and in the end the pliers of that outside society crippled us. Nevertheless, that small group of people lived that dream for a long time. Most of us have died off now, but we will take that dream to our graves.

Our hopes were lived in the life of unique individual.

For those of you wanting to know more about that time contact me at;

I think that this is a vitally important thing to communicate, because the organized Christian church missed a great opportunity back then.

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