The greatest con trick in the universe.

The politician’s mouth opens
to wondrous swelling words
that paint a picture of utopian blessings
just around the corner.

The words colour the picture
like the hand of a great master painter.
Hearts beat faster
as the promise of a better tomorrow
is tantalizingly placed
on the TV screen.

All the misery of today is calmed
as golden words string out
to make the seductive tapestry.

Harry goes into work
with a smile of hope on his face,
he has been hypnotized
by the Master painters,
but the ‘Same shit different day’ routine
soon tells him that tomorrow,
is just going to be
one long yesterday.

The new ‘Noddy and Big ears’ on the block,
parade around Toy town
speaking their language of limited definition.

Cameras flash,
celebrities’ smile,
as the greatest con trick in the universe
is played out to the faithful
with absolute perfection.

What is that con trick?
It is democracy.

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