Where Have All the Thinkers Gone

I well remember the age of John Osborne’s, ‘angry young men,’ rebelling against mummy and daddy’s country estate and lavish lifestyle.

Most went home tail between legs and became something far worse, probably politicians, or products of a university campus, sweaty armpits and sit ins.

It’s all a great yawn now and it’s naivety forgotten, like a child’s nativity school play. The theatre goes on it’s only the colors that change, like deceptions sunshine yellow on a young adrenaline Landscape.

What enemy of the human race first said, “seeing is believing”?

Everything is a three-card trick, and, the last great success of that three-card trick, is getting people to believe that anyone ‘cares’!

The human brain can only take so much before it rests on unreason. Those who reign like virtual gods and manage the theatre with iron hands laugh. (Eat your heart out David Icke!)

But even laughter becomes boring, and one day they might not get the joke; i hope that one-day they might take a toilet break and, someone who has not exchanged their brain for a corn flake creeps in under the table.

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