Anxiety by Dawn Bland

(Guest Poem from Dawn Bland)

Night time can be the worst,
Your mind’s on overdrive,
It’s almost going to burst.
Everyone you know,
Is doing exactly what you can’t,
Sleeping soundly.

No one’s around to listen to you rant,
About all the mistakes of today.
And all the worries,
Some times about yesterday,
When mostly your drowned,
In sorrow and worry.

Needing to keep busy,
But your body’s too tired,
And your thoughts are racing.
Wondering and hoping,
Will I ever have
A good day?

Reproduced with permission from the author, Dawn Bland.

3 thoughts on “Anxiety by Dawn Bland”

  1. The realism and directness of this poem is very refreshing Dawn, if only our political leaders
    and those in public life could be the same! Let me say clearly Dawn, it’s those that fall by the wayside of this present society that best portray, ‘How things could be,’ if truth and love were the rule not the exception. Those of us that want that, ‘Kingdom to come,’ put on the struggle every day and work for that reality to come. It’s a dream worth pursuing.
    In the meantime, I listen to the song, “Somewhere over the rainbow” and nod my head!

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