Chris Pitts

Chris Gibson

A great light has gone out of the world. A musician who could do the impossible, Chris’s individual phrasing put fire into the band; “Crippled Giant” People talk about great musicians, Chris Gibson was; “A Great Musician” his ability and ease to go between the world of classical and jazz marks him out as something

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The Caring Game

Chris Pitts Tells his story School dunce, scorned worker, exploited nursing care assistant. Despite it all, Chris has led a colourful life as ‘a butterfly that escaped the wheel’. There is no fiction here; from the Summer of Love at St Ives in 1967 through to the relief at finding the missing body in the

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Broken Body

A book by Chris Pitts Broken Body is available on Amazon as a paperback or as a Kindle electronic download. It is A story of failure, the Church – “The Body of Christ” and its failure to engage positively with the disempowered. “Chris tells his life story and explains how, unlike many of his friends,

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Illustration of friends overlaid by money.

Happy Heartmas

Friendship is a commodity for some people, it’s negotiable. Some truths come from lying tongues. From those who don’t know that their self-protection can make manifest the truth from lies. The world the country becomes a theatre, there are those trapped in the same performance day in day out. The truth and lies are the

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