Harry had a fondness for Kangaroos

Harry had a fondness for Kangaroos but unfortunately he lived in Ruislip.

We, (His Friends) knew that matters had reached a serious state, when he got a pantomime Kangaroo suit from the local repertory theatre and wore it each day.

He once visited his mum in Harwich and got arrested for being; “A danger to shipping!”

I think about Harry often these days because he made people happy. The world he knew in the 1950’s and early 60’s was one of generosity, it could accommodate people like Harry, now I see him in my minds eye, getting on a train to Harwich and the ticket collector and station master trying to eject him from a first class carriage, and Harry shouting; “You’re not supposed to touch an animal in that place, it’s private!”

Happy Days ……………………..

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