Knowing When the Curtain Has Come Down

The lights of cemetery road have shone for so many old friends recently but, I can’t say they suffered from any dark morbidity about it!

Most of those people colored all things with humor and grace. One friend spoke to me about knowing when to say goodbye. That old friend wanted to conduct his own funeral with a huge cardboard cut out of himself, with a mouth that moved up and down on a spring, of course he had pre – recorded his oration on to cd.

One of his jokes was; “I don’t want to hear anyone coughing here today, there is enough coffin here!” Another friend wanted to be lowered into her grave with a large poster of Rock Hudson (Who she hated).

Those who belonged to the commune of the,” Moon people” down in St Ives and Falmouth, in the wonderful days from, 1965 to 69, lived the dream till the end.

Like an orange the world we knew has been skinned and thrown away, yesterday is a vapor, maybe in some eternal mind. It matters absolutely and also it doesn’t matter at all. I will remember those friends with pain and strength.

There is a grand secret, there is a grand secret, it is, Knowing when the curtain has come down…….

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