I hear the sound of laughter, these days in my mind never far away, ‘the jokes on you my friend,’ it seems to say!
There was laughter when we walked together, our young smiles so free and fit, good laughter, true laughter, and our sides ached because of it.

The laughter I hear now, is from a dirt road of mud and toil, it laughs a laugh at me, so constantly and says, “Give your old mind some engine oil!’

I look at a fearsome aging face and shave the evidence away, of mud and sweat that I can’t forget, another one long yesterday.

Who did I trust all those years ago when ‘God’s system’ called me in? Now their god has turned to IPods, and they’ve made a game of sin.

Oh you fool that laughter shouts, through the murmur of traffic outside my door, a lifetime to build cold comfort, a wall-to-wall carpet on the floor.

Now as this world turns stone like, and the air is loud with death, the laughter is in a thunder that will take away my breath, where is that young true laughter, that seemed so heaven sent? Gone, gone, forever, to the land of lost content.

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