When you’re alone you don’t have to pretend

The world outside is hostile the people are not at peace, at peace with themselves or, the mirror on the wall, we cower under the tyranny of ‘self image’.
Only those on the Darwinian train to ‘being someone’ survive. And now we have the celebrities, the stars of the plasma screen, those who put on the act and believe it 24-7.
I preferred them when they were shit bags unknown and unseen, when they couldn’t give a toss about anyone, before they suddenly developed a conscience, and pleaded for money on, ‘Red Nose Day’.

That world has a Toll Gate, and a sign reads; only liars can enter here!

Meanwhile the failures and the rejects try to survive, not knowing that failure is the greatest teacher on earth. Best friends cross swords and the doll’s house burns down.
The train to the city of smoke and mirrors thunders its way to Maniac earth; it is always, always, on the circle line.
Solitude and Cemetery friends burn my ears with the silent words, ‘When your alone you don’t have to pretend’.

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