Playing with words

The professional career politician-wearing makeup prepares for the show and smiling to the camera plays with words.

Old men laugh and shake their heads as the game of words is played out again. Winston Churchill once said, “The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter!”

People who write letters to the local newspaper concentrate on things like the contra-flow system or, cycle lanes in their town (Their town?)

Ageing lonely abandoned people die alone in 12 by 11 ft flats sometimes not
discovered for weeks.

When all the talking and gladiatorial spitting across the dispatch box in
Parliament is done, what is left? What is the thing that should unite us all? Surely it is the care of our elderly, and the welfare of our neighbours?

Building real community where the most vulnerable can be helped by genuine neighbourly concern is of vital importance, “How are you today?” or “Have you seen Mrs Smith recently?” can help save lives. We don’t need political parties or arguments about political doctrine to achieve that!

There surely is common purpose built on basic morality that can unite us? If there isn’t we are left with the pub barstool terrorist and the game of words.

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