Shaken from Sleep

Troubled by Hope

Sleeping is not something that we do only in bed, it seems.

We humans have the ability to anesthetize ourselves from reality and walk about in a state of sleep.

I have come to the belief that we have a self love that borders on fanaticism.

Somehow we hide this with absolute genius, the theatre of life has many great actors who will never see a film set.

Human suffering and the desolate loneliness of many of my neighbours’ trouble me. In our towns and cities we are losing the will to build community, people look through each other and do not speak.

“Please do not smile at me” faces of defense stare into oblivions hungry mask and hurry by.

I am troubled by hope that the young will reject such a society, that has inverted on itself and prefers sleep to the waking beauty of, “ love thy neighbour as thyself!”

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