The Boredom Grill House on Greasy Street

Went to the seaside for a short break, already depressed but trying to keep positive. Started to read, “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie, this was very informative until I was told that he probably committed suicide. Further to this our Premier Inn was located next to the local grill house, the smell of which was like a cannibal Stag night.

The eating-places in this seaside town did not inspire confidence; most thought that, ‘Vegan’ was a planet. We fatigued greatly after walking miles around the town trying to find a café or restaurant with a vegetarian menu, we eventually got some stale bread and Vegetable Pate from some encumbrance of a supermarket.

Passing a local pub we notice the sign for live music, although the place stank of curry and chips done in beef fat, we thought we would go in and give the local bands a listen. The first band was called, “No Knickers and the rusty G string,”
we had to come out for a while when a drunk threw a bottle at the lead guitarist, however, the next band, ‘Gob a lot and the house shakers” received a better response.

On our way back to the Premier Inn we encountered a wonderful busker, George Ratinshaw performing a great version of, “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas” on his ancient Concertina.

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