The Loneliness of the loved

The young celebrity smiles for the camera and says some carefully scripted words;
she will be dead in three months time, the aching nausea retreating to dead flesh.
The smoke and mirrors pleasant swimming images mix wonder to those who know no shame. Blunt burnt grief on the axle of repetitions torture wheel.

People die in Ecstasy and on Ecstasy but, Heaven is not for sale.
The Wright Brothers flew into the deep blue skies
but now they know what the old man said is true;
“ Enjoy fame ere its decadence, for I have realised the emptiness of its trumpet blasts”.

1 thought on “The Loneliness of the loved”

  1. What does it profit a man, this brings that to mind a difficult poem for many to hear as it bursts the bubble of shallow dreams.

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