The Oxford Blues Man. (OBM)

Explanatory note: I’m so fed up with English singers singing in an American
Accent, I thought just for once, the tables could be turned!   Chris.

Original:  “Well I woke up this morning and the blues came walking in the room”

OBM: “On rising today I felt frightfully ill, that damnable cad Bonko slipped me a Mickey Finn, just to keep me away from Gloria at the Charity Gala Ball!”

Original: “Well I had the blues this morning and all through the afternoon!”

OBM:  “ Had the most damnable headache from the time I got up and then the trots started, so damned inconvenient, I was hoping for a round of golf with Archie this afternoon!”

Original: “Well they call it stormy Monday but Tuesday is just the same!”

OBM: “Absolutely rotten weather we are having! Thank God for umbrella’s and handkerchiefs!”

Original: “And when it come round to Wednesday, I feel the same again!”

OMB: “Three days of rain, it’s enough to send one Toots up the Maypole!”

Original: “Thursday, I slept through all day, didn’t wake up till Saturday”

OBM: “Felt so jolly depressed I took one of Bonko’s sleeping draughts, damn thing put me in Cocoa land till Saturday!”

Original: “Sundays my day of rest I just had to pray!”

OBM: “Must have a word with the vicar after Matins about this damnable run of bad luck!”

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