The road from Botherington

The road from Botherington is easy
The wind is at your back,
Can’t be bothered to get involved,
Might get a heart attack!
I think I might keep walking
Away from that dark place,
You see I just can’t stand to see
the pain on a human face.

Botherington stinks of neglect and shame,
And the bus just goes straight through,
Nothing there, nothing, for the likes of me and you!

I like to be ‘Normal’
read the papers
go to church sometimes,
got no time for Botherington,
I far prefer –
Cloud nine!

2 thoughts on “The road from Botherington”

  1. Wonderful poem Chris. I hope it will be turned into a song. It has a good marching feel to it. Best wishes from Alaska . . .

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