Welcome to the Human Race?

The factories of tomorrow
will not have human workers,
the assembly lines
where they took youth to Hell
and their laughter to the wastelands of the electric mind,
now fester in oblivion’s ashes.

But, what of the Now?
The landlords
surely must have exhausted
ego and ownership lust by now?

The meathead sheep in smug faced crowds
will tower in the hierarchies of tomorrow,
we will not survive.

We who once knew the vast freedoms
of the open road,
when the road was truly open,
and the gatekeeper of 1961 smiled a welcome,
we will know,
with that deep unknown response
that truth allows.

Now there are just dull dead faces
waiting at bus stops.
People on station platforms
with noses in the trough
of capitalism’s swill.

All go to a dying
more dreadful than I can conceive.
Is this the human race?
If it is you are welcome to it.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Human Race?”

  1. Chris, a gloomy description indeed.
    I regard the work I do, giving piano lessons, as giving a leg up over a wall. Maybe such actions by unsung heroes will counter the downward trend? I hope so!
    Best, David

  2. Lets hope so David!

    However, Exchanging our God given brains for corn flakes continues to be the trend. The thing that gets me is the theshold beyond which even the intellectually agile are not prepared to reason?



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