Where Tormented Eyes Stand Forgotten

(Salute to an unknown solider)

‘For King and Empire, I do not question, I just do.
I was the cannon meat for all and you!’
‘We dreamed greatly of Empire in those days.’
And now from these unearthly hills, I look upon that dreamed English heaven, but, ‘hearts are not at peace’. No! Violence is on the streets, and what was my England is no more. I did not walk through Hell for this! The ‘Land fit for heroes to live in’ has become the refuse of the corrupt, and sinful flesh that serves a strange god and Mammon.

The thunder of war in my ears I hear no more, I am abandoned in this place of no rest where I ask, ‘Why, Why, Why? How can I sleep knowing such betrayal?

Where autumn leaves turn to frost, in this eternal exile, I will dream of another England, through these tormented eyes.

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